First Gen Integrated Report 2019


Sustainability Strategy

The Company began documenting its sustainability initiatives through a sustainability report in 2015. Prior to developing the report, the Company has long started operating its business with environmental conservation in mind, as well as the protection and growth of its employees and the society. First Gen’s Sustainability strategy is anchored on Chairman Federico R. Lopez’s mandate, to produce power through clean and renewable sources. First Gen does not consider Sustainability as a separate process to protect the environment and the society—it is embedded in the Company’s goals, strategies, operations, and day-to-day activities.

First Gen adopts FPH’s Corporate Sustainability Policy, embedding the “System Value” principle which manifests the linkage between the business, society and environment. Consistent with this FPH’s sustainability principle, First Gen recognizes its dependence on natural resources and therefore its responsibility in preserving the planet’s integrity, for society’s present and future prosperity.


We are committed to improving people’s lives and futures by ensuring that as our business grow, the environment, our employees and our other stakeholders progress with us.

We are constantly working to transform the Philippines in positive and innovative ways through our responsible growth investments.

We resolve to contribute to a low carbon world as we search for sustainable solutions for the benefit of everyone.

All of these are made possible through our values. As a Lopez company, we work with nationalism, integrity, social justice, unity, excellence, a pioneering entrepreneurial spirit for the service of our nation.

Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer

Sustainability Roadmap


▷ Crafted the First Gen Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

▷ Development of the Sustainability TWG Charte

▷ Baseline profiling, employee
embedding and capacity building

▷ Stakeholder engagement and selection of indicators

▷ Adopted the FPH Corporate
Sustainability Policy

▷ Carbon reduction targets and programs

▷ Continued CSR programs and projects

▷ Published ESG initiatives and performance through annual Sustainability Reports in reference to GRI Standard


▷ Participation in crafting
FPH-wide policies

▷ Dissemination of ESG policies to all First Gen subsidiaries

▷ Utilization of the integrated
FPH Sustainability development database

▷ Identification of relevant SDGs and the Company’s contributions to the SDGs

▷ Partnership with organizations aspiring for 100% RE

▷ Continued capacity building and employee embedding

▷ Published 4th Sustainability Report in reference to GRI Standard

▷ Stakeholder engagement and determination of topics


▷ Continued capacity building
and employee embedding

▷ Continued energy reduction
programs and monitoring

▷ Participation in the Climate Change Scenario Study for FPH subsidiaries

▷ Initiated the Water Management Study

▷ Participation in the Carbon Offset Project initiated by FPH

▷ Adopted the International
Integrated Reporting Framework along with the GRI Standards in its 5th Sustainability Report

▷ Inclusion of EDC in the scope of First Gen’s IR

First Gen’s Sustainability Report enables the Company to disclose how it manages its operations while performing ways to protect the environment and ensuring that its stakeholder requirements are complied with. To ensure that the expectations of investors as well as stakeholders are managed better this reporting period, First Gen adopted the International Integrated Reporting Framework in addition to the GRI Standards used in previous Sustainability reports.