First Gen Integrated Report 2019


Contributions to UN Sustainable Development Goals

First Gen’s processes and initiatives contributed to the following Sustainable Development Goals for 2019.


The Company made major contributions to these goals through the production of power using natural gas and renewable sources.

▷ Reliable plant operations from clean and renewable sources

▷ Proper maintenance of existing power plants

▷ Seeking innovations to sustain resilience of the Company’s power generation assets

▷ Continuous development of clean and renewable power plants and LNG regasification terminal to sustain fuel for the Company’s natural gas power plants

▷ Commitment to the use and promotion of clean and RE energy sources

▷ Promotion of awareness and education on climate change to the communities

▷ Testing of preparedness and readiness during emergency situations through drills and tabletop exercises


First Gen and its subsidiaries also contributed to the following SDGs:

▷ Lower carbon concentration from First Gen’s plants compared to coal

▷ Maintaining balanced OSH programs (physical, mental and social) for zero incidents and occupational illnesses and diseases in the workplace

Access to healthcare for 14,464 individuals through medical missions and community clinics

Completed training for 113 Barangay Health Workers on Basic Life Support. First Aid, Capture of Vital signs and Operation Timbang (weight) Management

▷ Construction of sanitation facilities

▷ Building the capacities and competencies of residents within host communities to increase their employment opportunities by:
– Granting college technical/vocational and high school scholarships
– Providing a work immersion program for high school students
– Conducting a financial literacy workshop for students and parents

▷ Supporting the Brigada Eskwela, and participating in the rehabilitation of school facilities and provision of school supplies

▷ No discrimination in recruitment, job functions and designations

▷ Conducting training and forums for employees regarding Gender Sensitivity and the implementation of the Anti-Sexual and Harassment Policy

▷ Continuous protection of the Center of Center, a marine biodiversity conservation program supporting the province of Batangas in implementing marine law enforcement covering 1,554 hectares with 35 marine protected areas

▷ Conducting monthly coastal clean-ups participated by 2,332 volunteers from the Company, the Community and LGU in Batangas City

▷ Maintenance of the mangrove reforestation area within FGCEC

▷ Patronizing the products of local producers for business operations and services of local providers for contracted and outsourced requirements

▷ Providing decent employment opportunities for all regardless of gender, age and race, and compensate employees based on performance

▷ Establishing a policy and implementing a management system on OSH for a safe and healthy workplace for all employees and workers

▷ 22 farmer association/people’s organizations (FA/PO) benefitting from BINHI contracts

▷ Building the capacity and competencies of host communities through scholarships and Work Immersion Program

▷ Conservation of mountain ecosystems, including their biodiversity through:

▷ Monitoring the flora and fauna biodiversity of the Pantabangan-Carranglan watershed

▷ Mainstreaming of native Philippine threatened species by producing more than 141,000 seedlings through the BINHI program

▷ Maintaining 1,181 hectares and developing additional 26 hectares for the BINHI plantation

▷ Planting indigenous forest and fruit trees within 30 hectares of the various RE power plant locations

▷ Conducting more than 600 forest patrols within 34,770 hectares of watershed areas within the conservation locations of geothermal sites

▷ Reforestation of 9,449 hectares of watershed areas in Project areas and other areas through BINHI since 2009