First Gen Integrated Report 2019


Human Resources

The disruption of the old world—the emergence of new business models, evolving preferences of a diverse workforce, and adaptation to climate change makes the transition to new ways of working and engaging with employees an imperative for all businesses.

In 2019, First Gen focused on implementing technology as an enabler to realize its people priorities. The system is envisioned as a credible official source of information that will facilitate factual and insightful people-related decisions. It allows enhanced and secure access to people data to improve process efficiency and quality, empowers employees and managers by giving them visibility and control over their own data, and facilitates easy connection between colleagues across the power group and the First Philippine Holdings Group which include First Gen. Over time it is expected to enhance talent mobility and career growth for our workforce, strengthening the organization’s skills and leadership bench.

The company adopted Workday as its system of choice, and went live in October for recruitment, talent and performance, employee expense, and human capital management processes.

We continued to strengthen our organization capability through talent acquisition, learning and development. The year saw heavy investment in the buildup of talents for new clean energy projects, retail marketing and sales, and robust backbone support services, resulting in a 12%* hire rate.

Learning was also a key component of capability building, with a training reach of 91%* of employees, and an average of 47* training hours per employee. Emphasis was placed on strategy and capabilities, updated leadership practices, and agile ways of working, creating a new common language and shared understanding of the way we will do business moving forward. In addition to training, learning and development also includes career mobility. 17%* of employees were either promoted into higher or expanded roles, or cross posted for on-the-job exposure and enrichment. These initiatives not only equip the organization, but ensure the engagement of employees by building mastery in their areas of expertise and strengthening alignment of their work with the company’s priorities and purpose.

Employee well-being remains top-of-mind for the company, as reflected in the Lopez Group value of Employee Welfare and Wellness. In 2019, the emotional well-being and mental health program begun in the previous year went in full swing, with the provision of 24/7 hotline and chat support, packages for employee and family counseling, and the setup of occupational health protocols related to mental health assessment, support and return to work. Skills-building and awareness programs for employees and leaders alike, including self-management and mindfulness, life skills, and peer counseling, were offered throughout the year.

*Includes First Gen Head Office, FGCEC, FG Hydro, FG Bukidnon, and FGES only.