First Gen Integrated Report 2019


Corporate Social Responsibility

First Gen’s CSR policy upholds the Lopez Group’s CSR principles and commitments, made evident in the relevant, responsive, and sustainable CSR programs focused on education, livelihood, the environment, community health and safety, disaster response, and local culture. The Company ensures efficient and effective delivery by communicating and engaging with stakeholders.

CSR Organization

The CSR Policy is integrated into the business, with direction coming straight from the top, and delivery participated in by the CSR and community relations personnel on the ground.


Under the overarching CSR policy, First Gen has articulated several other policies that serve as guidelines in ensuring seamless development, execution, and monitoring of the Company’s CSR programs.


Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement Planning is a crucial step in the Company’s CSR process. This process manages the relationship between the Company and stakeholders, where their participation is sustained throughout the life of the project. This strategic approach to stakeholder engagement allows the CSR department to continuously develop programs that address the stakeholders’ issues and needs. Communities and organizations are involved in decisions that may affect them and so they remain supportive of the Company.


First Gen tasks the CSR department and Community Relations (ComRel) teams to come up with CSR programs aligned with the Company’s priority areas. The programs should address community needs and positively impact partner communities and institutions. Community profiling and social acceptability surveys are conducted every three years. Once a program is developed and executed, its impact is monitored, evaluated, and reported. Such policy ensures relevance and impact of CSR programs, resulting in the shared development and established partnership between the Company and the community.


The policy covers requests for donations and sponsorships across First Gen and First Gen’s subsidiaries. Only requests that pass the Program Criteria identified in the CSR and ComRel program will be approved and processed for release. If applicable, approved donations and sponsorships must be covered by a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).


First Gen encourages employees, including their friends and family members, to participate in the Company’s CSR programs. Volunteers may participate by allotting time for preparation or joining in the actual activity, or donating leave credits, cash or in-kind provisions for the conduct of the activities. This policy supports the process of planning for volunteer activities by the core team of volunteers, to the actual volunteering, and finally, the documentation of contributions and pertinent data by CSR Department.